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Monasteries in Tibet

Tibet besides having some of the most beautiful views in scenery, also houses little over a few thousand Buddhist monasteries. These monasteries sometimes date back to the 1400’s and are still in use today such as: the Deprung monastery, the Sera monastery, the Ganden monastery, and Rongbuck monastery just to name a few . The monasteries have over the years attracted many tourists as well as practicing Buddhists. In recent years the Chinese government has made great efforts in maintaining and restoring many historical arts, buildings, and monasteries in the Tibetan culture. In popular tourist destinations there are museums being created to house the Tibetan art and culture that has survived the ages. The monasteries are not only beautiful to the eye, they also are structures that are beautiful examples of architecture as well. The Potala Palace is a great example of Tibetan architecture and culture sitting on top of a mountain with a great view. Many times due to the blank of the region many structures were built on the top and sides of mountains, which in itself makes for beautiful structures that follow the scheme of the environment. The culturally rich monasteries and preserved old governmental buildings make for great sightseeing in Tibet. The Tibetan art and culture is an experience in itself when making a trip to Tibet. There are many government regulated and well organized organizations that provide professional and locally experienced trips and itineraries in Tibet travel.