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tibetTibet is a region within China that is great to travel to for it is filled with vast mountain ranges, valleys, and a diverse culture. Tibet is bordered by mountain ranges and also contains the World famous Tibetan Plateau. The Tibetan Plateau is recognized as the highest place in the World. Tibet contains the 14 highest mountains in the World, one being Mount Everest. The people of Tibet have a background which is rich as it is diverse in culture. This culture varies from the generations of nomadic Herdsman and the traditional making of hand woven wool fabrics to today where we see the increasing mining industry. Even today, Tibet’s economy is greatly built on agriculture and livestock herding. Tibet is also home to the highest railway in the world Qingzang railway and has the highest pass of 5,072 meters above sea level and was partly built on permafrost soils. This railway takes passengers from Beijing to Lhasa daily and has train stations with beautiful mountain vistas for travelers to enjoy. Tibet is also home to many historical monasteries and well as the Potala Palace which is also used as a museum. The Potala Palace also contains private rooms for the Dhali Lama. Recently, attempts have been made in Tibet to maintain cultural monuments and create museums to house artifacts and arts of Tibetan culture. There has also been an increase in tourism efforts and infrastructure improvements to create a better experience for travelers. With all that Tibet has to offer with its culture, beautiful mountain ranges, and many monuments it has become an increasingly fascinating destinations for all travelers.